Hydra Facial Course


Qualification required: A qualification in Facial Therapy & Skin Care.
Kit: No kit is required
Certificate / Accreditation: On successful completion of your course you will receive your Internationally Recognised IPHM Diploma Certificate.
Model: A model is required.
Duration: Half Day Course.

During our Hydra Facial Therapy Course you will learn how to deeply hydrate and improve the texture and appearance of your clients skin by using the natural healing powers of water and oxygen.

What is a Hydra Facial? 

Hydra Facials / Hydradermabrasion has taken over in popularity from microdermabrasion, this is due in part to the fact that the treatment utilises the natural healing powers of water and oxygen to effortlessly, and painlessly exfoliate the skin without the use of hard microcrystals or abrasive textured wands. As this is not an invasive treatment - this means no down time for your client with instant results!
Hydro Facials / Hydradermabrasion treatments provide deeply hydrated, firmer, smoother, and healthier looking skin.

Don’t have a qualification in facials but really want to attend our course? Not a problem!
Simply book onto our Facial Therapy & Skin Care Course completely suitable for beginners! Once successfully completed you can then progress onto our Hydra Facial course straight away!

What are the benefits of Hydra Facials?

Deeper hydration of the skin

Improved skin texture & tone

Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

Improved blood flow leading to collagen production

Reduced / improved acne scarring

Evens and reduces skin pigmentation

Improves skin congestions, black heads etc.

Why add to your business?

Attract new business – Adding a wider range of treatments and products enables you to capture new business or upsell to existing customers.

Repeat business – Hydra Facials can be sold to clients as a course of treatments, which enables you to create easy, repeat business.

Expand what skin conditions you can treat – Hydra Facials is a fantastic way of treating acne, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Quick and Easy Procedure – The treatment only takes around 60 minutes, meaning you can turn around a higher amount of clients.

High Profit Margins – With Hydra Facials you have fantastic profit margins, we can recommend pricing for your procedure on the day.

Course Contents

Health and safety
Benefits of Hydra Facial
Skin diagnosis
Skin disorders
Skin - analysis
Cleansing, toning & exfoliation
Aftercare and advice

Course structure

This course is structured over half a day, once you have purchased your course you will be sent your home study pre-read manual via email within 48 hours of booking your course.
You will learn the theory of the treatment firstly at home and spend the full training day practising your practical skills.
Practical is carried out on a live model allowing you the maximum time possible during the training day to work upon acquiring and demonstrating the required technique.

You will be required to bring a model with you during the training day to complete your practical, if you are unable to bring a model on the day of training your course will be cancelled and rescheduled until you can find one to bring with you.

All courses have insurance approved accreditation to enable you obtain the necessary public liability insurance required to practise as a professional Advanced Facial Therapist.

Please contact us if the scheduled dates are not suitable for you. We will always try our best to accommodate you

Hydra Facial Course
Hydra Facial Course


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